Pressure Treated Sheds

You may have heard of pressure treated timber before, but how exactly is this process done? Wood is placed into a vacuum chamber and wood preservatives are applied, drawing them deep into the grain. The low pressure from the process transforms normal timber into fully treated timber. Pressure treated timber highlights the natural green tinge of the wood, ensuring that the shed will be usable all year round. But, if you’re wondering, how exactly is pressure treated timber different from normal timber? Read on.


One of the most obvious choices for building a shed is to purchase a pressure treated wooden one. However, the price of pressure-treated wood can be as high as 30% more than a standard shed. This kind of wood is ideal for any part of the shed that will come into contact with the ground. Even if the pressure-treated wood shed is cheaper, its maintenance is still an issue. That is why you may want to consider purchasing a non-pressure-treated wooden shed instead.


Pressure treated sheds are an excellent option for garden buildings because of their durability and long lifespan. However, they do require regular maintenance and care. You should treat pressure treated timber with wood preservative to prolong the lifespan of your garden building. This process will also help limit the amount of time you spend maintaining the building. And besides, you can save money by choosing pressure-treated timber. Continue reading to discover more about the benefits of pressure-treated timber.

Colour variations

There are a number of different reasons for colour variations in pressure treated timber. Most sheds are treated with an industry leading wood preservative, made from a mixture of organic biocide ingredients and copper. This special formulation protects against wood decay and pest attacks. Its durability makes it a popular choice for garden buildings. Pressure treated wood also provides flexibility in the construction process, making it a good choice for a range of applications.


The most obvious benefit of pressure-treated timber is its enhanced resistance to wood decay and insect attack. Without treatment, timber will deteriorate faster due to moisture and weathering. Pressure treated sheds can extend the lifetime of a garden shed and minimize maintenance costs. This article looks at some of the most important features of pressure-treated timber. Here are a few reasons why you should consider purchasing one. A: A pressure-treated shed can protect your valuable belongings from the elements.

Wood preservatives

There are several benefits to having a garden shed that is treated with wood preservers. These chemicals penetrate the wood to extend its life and make it resistant to rot, insects and fungi. This treatment also helps prevent a garden shed from being damaged by weathering. You will never need to paint or treat a pressure treated shed, which will save you thousands of dollars in the long run. To find out whether a pressure-treated shed is the right option for you, read the following information.

Common framing lumber

Pressure-treated lumber is the best choice for outdoor sheds. Use it for the framing of the shed, as well as for flooring and exterior walls. You can choose from various types of wood such as oak, cedar, and redwood, but pressure-treated lumber is the best choice for the frame. In addition to these natural woods, pressure-treated lumber also has other benefits, such as its superior rot resistance and attractive appearance. In addition, framing lumber usually comes in a fir or spruce, and it is not necessary to use a pressure-treated lumber rated for ground contact.


There are many benefits of choosing Pressure Treated OSB Sheds for your backyard. These wood structures are highly water-resistant and resistant to soil and excessive moisture. This type of wood structure also offers excellent aesthetics and flexibility. You can landscape around the shed without having to worry about blocking the path. It can also be built on sloped areas without adding too much weight. If you plan to use your shed for storage, consider Pressure Treated OSB Sheds.

CDX plywood

Choosing CDX plywood for pressure treated sheds is a smart choice because it provides strength and durability. The wood grain composition of CDX plywood allows it to absorb moisture in controlled amounts. As a result, it can be exposed to very small amounts of moisture for days on end before drying out and returning to its original size. This property makes it an excellent choice for building outdoor storage structures, including sheds, greenhouses, and other wooden structures.