Considering an Airspade excavation tool? Here are two models to consider: the Utility AirSpade 4000 and the GuardAir AirSpade 2000. The utility AirSpade 4000 is a powerful air-excavation tool with a patented supersonic nozzle. The Utility model is a great choice for many common utility applications. Listed below are the key features of both models.

Utility AirSpade 4000 air-excavation tool

The Utility AirSpade 4000 is a powerful and portable air-excavation tool that delivers superior performance and a wide range of features. This air-excavation tool features a large capacity tank and is capable of suctioning up to 11.5 cubic feet of soil or 86 gallons of air. It comes with a 15-foot air hose and a five-foot vacuum wand for extended reach.

The Utility AirSpade 4000 Air Excavation Tool is manufactured by Guardair Corporation, a division of the utility industry. The patented supersonic nozzle in the Utility AirSpade 4000 produces a high-speed, laser-like jet of compressed air that dislodges soil at twice the speed of sound. This high-speed jet of air enables the tool to safely work around sensitive underground utilities without risking puncturing them.

The patented supersonic nozzle in the Utility AirSpade 4000 Series is capable of digging twice as deep as similar air-excavation tools. Its patented supersonic nozzle also moves at twice the speed of sound, enabling it to speed up digging while minimizing the risk of sparking. The 300kV-rated air barrel provides excellent protection from electrical lines and buried wires. The tool also features a heavy-duty locking storage case.

GuardAir AirSpade 2000 air-excavation tool

The GuardAir AirSpade 2000 is an air-excavation tool that allows you to perform the job of excavation without damaging the roots of your plants. Designed for utility workers, arborists, and landscapers, the AirSpade is a must-have tool for your yard or garden. Its supersonic nozzle turns compressed air into a powerful jet that moves at over 1200 mph, dislodging soil in a fraction of a second. Soil is an unconsolidated assemblage of particles, which may not contain organic matter. Water and air fill the voids between the particles, making soil a vulnerable aggregate.

The lightweight fiberglass AIR-SPADE works efficiently to dig out large amounts of soil without causing damage to underground root systems or utilities. This air-excavation tool requires an air compressor with a minimum of 175 CFM. For best results, use an air compressor rated at least 175 CFM. It is important to note that the AirSpade requires an air compressor with a minimum of 175 CFM.

Unlike competing air-excavation tools, the GuardAir AirSpade 2000 digs faster than its competitors. It features a patented supersonic nozzle and a dead-man trigger. Its lightweight, non-conductive fiberglass barrel is easy to maneuver and is available with two attachments: a standard arbor kit and a radial trenching kit. The Air-Spade 2000 has ergonomic handles and a ten-foot comfort hose.

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