table tops

Table tops are a functional part of any table and sometimes are treated as an art form, but if you want to keep your table tops in tip top condition, regular care is required. As the most vulnerable part of a table for the care you put on them determines how long they last. They are made out of various materials like glass, metal, wood, porcelain etc. All these materials can withstand some common mishaps that could potentially harm your table.

The most commonly used material for table tops is glass, which is usually treated with various protective coatings to extend its durability. Although glass table tops are durable, they are also prone to breakage when handled roughly. It was the desire to achieve a different look that led to the usage of other materials for table tops such as solid wood. The natural elegance of the wooden tables made it highly preferred over their plastic counterparts whose structure used to take up huge space.

Solid wood table tops are highly resilient and versatile. The natural look and feel of the wood make it ideal for modern and contemporary rooms. Wood’s strength ensures that it won’t be easily scratched or damaged. The extended durability & increased strength of solid wood contribute greatly to the wide range of style options available to the homeowner, giving them an ample choice of design choices to choose from, without being handicapped by the common issues faced with plastic or composite based table tops.

When properly cared for glass table tops are one of the best ways to prevent them from breaking or chipping. To enhance their durability, ceramic plates and cutlery can be added to the set to make use of the pieces on a daily basis. These are durable items that can be used indoors and outdoors, and even by professional chefs for the ultimate professional experience.

Plastic and composite materials are less durable than wood, but can be just as attractive. Plastic and composite table tops need not be exposed to daily usage like wooden ones and can be placed out-of-the-way. These lightweight and durable table tops can also be used indoors. Placing small potted herbs in a small pot atop a coffee table top made from plastic can add a whimsical touch. Similarly, to bring a little more character to the room, a cutout of a favorite character, like Spiderman for example, can be painted on the table top. Plastic base plates and coffee table bases came in a variety of colors, making it easy to coordinate the room’s interior with the exterior.

Rectangular tables with rounded table tops are ideal for those who are on a tight budget. The wooden frame adds a touch of elegance to the table. With varying seating capacity, the round table tops are the best option for smaller families and for frequent guests who pop in often.

Hardwood or solid wood table tops are also ideal for families with kids. The durable wooden frame makes it easy to clean and provide a welcoming atmosphere. Some solid wood table tops in the children’s size and shape are available with non-slip features and grooved seating. This feature reduces slipping when young children are seated.

Whether you want to have a classy, traditional look or want an edgy contemporary look, you have a wide range of table tops to choose from. There are custom-made tabletop sets available that come complete with matching chairs, bar stools, drink holders and counters. Custom-made table tops are available at affordable prices, even cheaper when compared to factory produced sets. By choosing to have your table tops customized, you are not only creating a unique piece of furniture; you are also helping to conserve the natural resources of the environment.