Barbacoa originated in the Caribbean and has Caribbean roots. Caribbean Indians were doing barbacoa well before the Spanish conquistadors introduced the barbecue. The term barbacoa translates as “grilled meat” in Spanish. It has been a popular BBQ dish for centuries. But what is barbacoa? What’s the best way to cook it? Let’s find out! This BBQ-style food is the perfect way to impress your guests!  Read more at

Smoked meats

If you’ve ever wondered what makes smoked meats so delicious, think about the process of smoking them. As the meat sits in the smoking chamber, it soaks up the thick, comforting smoke flavor. This results in an authentic, all-natural flavor that is distinctly barbecue. Here are some tips for smoking meat for your BBQ. And keep reading to learn how to smoke meat properly. Then, you’ll be on your way to creating the perfect BBQ meal.

If you want to make the most of your barbecue night, you can purchase a Bluetooth thermometer. This device consists of a thermometer that attaches to your phone via WiFi. You can place it near the meat, in the pit, or in the ambient temperature. Bluetooth thermometers can monitor the temperature and alert you to changes in the temperature of the meat at any time. Bluetooth thermometers come with a number of useful features, including auto alerts, temperature thresholds, and cooking graphs and logs.

Low and slow cooking

One of the most important aspects of cooking on the BBQ is the use of low and slow cooking methods. These methods produce juicy and tender meat from an indirect heat source. They also impart a distinctive smoky taste to the meat. Juicier meat is not necessarily moister than meat cooked on a higher heat, as the juiciness is due to the softening of fats and gelatinized collagen, and is not due to overcooking.

The temperature of meat cooked using low and slow cooking techniques will decrease dramatically. This happens because the meat starts sweating and the heat will gradually increase. As the water in the meat evaporates, the meat temperature will slowly return to its previous level. If you want a juicy, tender meat, choose a cut of beef that is higher in fat content and marbling. If you’re cooking a more expensive cut, opt for higher temperature and shorter cooking time.

Mop sauce

The Memphis style of barbecue is most famous for its ribs, which are rubbed with a heavy paprika rub and then smoked over a fire. This rub is often mopped with a sauce that is made of apple cider vinegar, water, and the same spice rub used on the ribs. The mop sauce is applied to the meat before it cooks, allowing the flavors to layer onto it. Other ingredients used in the rub include onion powder, garlic powder, mild chili powder, ore, thyme, cumin, coriander, and celery seed.

Some mop sauces are sweet, and can give meat a smoke ring. This is because the sauce caramelizes while cooking the meat. Sugary sauces will also help produce a smoke ring on the meat. Adding a bit of mop sauce to your meat before cooking will make it more smoke-tasting, since smoke adheres to a wet surface. The mop sauce helps create the smoke ring on the meat. Although mop sauce is an often-derided BBQ sauce, it does have many benefits.


You have probably seen several different types of charcoal for BBQ grills. Some are lump and are great for grilling food such as bread, squash, hot dogs, and burgers. Others are briquettes. Each type of charcoal is great for different purposes. While lump charcoal has the advantage of being more environmentally friendly, briquettes are not the most environmentally friendly option. Briquettes are made from sawdust and left-over wood. They typically contain additives that hold the materials together and make them easier to stack.

While charcoal is the most common choice for barbecue, you can also use other types. Charcoal made from sulfur is generally more expensive than other types. However, if you plan on using charcoal for your BBQ, it’s important to know what kind of charcoal you’re using. Charcoal with sulfur is best for natural grilling. The carbon in sulfurous charcoal is highly toxic, so it is better to use other types of charcoal.


When buying wood for barbecue, you should choose the right type of wood. There are pellets, wood chips, and chunks. The type of wood you choose will depend on the type of BBQ smoker you have. Pellets and chips are more suitable for electric and gas smokers, while chunks are too big for charcoal and gas grills. Charcoal smokers require chunks and pellets will burn too quickly. Wood chips and pellets are flammable, but they are easier to handle.

Choose a wood that matches your taste. Fruit woods impart sweetness to your meat, while birch wood is more complex and is a good choice for heavier foods. If you’re trying to match a wood with a specific flavor, try pairing a fruity wood with salmon. You can find a wood for barbecue here. And remember: use more than one wood to get the right taste. If you’re not sure which wood to use, try spritzing your meat before cooking.