Art Legends

Art Legends

Janis Naha Sajeed first began mixing colors and designs in her school years, while assisting her parents in their textile design business and buying related products. Her passion for fabrics and colorways was further fueled by travels throughout India, where she sourced different kinds of products from diverse regions. Soon after, she renamed her company 360 Degree Design to Art Legends. To this day, her style and designs are recognized internationally.

Art as a form of expression

There are many ways to express yourself and your emotions, but perhaps no art form is as universal as music or dancing. The expression of emotion through music and dance is instinctual and often connected to the life of feeling. Another popular expression is shape, which can be any 2D shape and has metaphoric meaning. Artists and musicians work with these instincts to express themselves. In addition to the physical shapes, art has a cultural, historical, and geographical context.

Icons of art

Historically, icons have been depicted in religious and royal settings for a long time. Icons of art from the modern era are the products of hundreds of years of symbolic figures deified by human nature. Artists at Eden Gallery dedicate a portion of their work to icons of art from the last century. Using her passion for icons and art, artist Dorit Levinstein delves into the world of celebrities and icons.

Artists involved

The stories of art legends often feature a famous artist or work, and there are many different legends relating to artists and artwork. You can find information about these legends in the website of Art Legends Inc., as well as stories of limited editions. The website also includes information about artists, their works, and even the origin myth for an evil doctor. You might also find a legend that concerns an artist who is considered to be the most influential or controversial in the history of art.


When we think of great works of art, we often wonder who inspired them. In many cases, the answer to this question lies in the masters who shaped the world we live in. Influences also include the environment and experiences that an artist encounters. For example, an artist’s influence can be a master, a genre, or an idea. But the truth is, many people create works of art that are inspired by other people.


There have been many articles, books, and myths about the origins of art, including the ‘Venus’ figurines of Europe. This long-held view is based on the idea of rapid change in the human brain during the Upper Palaeolithic Revolution, or ‘Transition’. But this idea is based on limited archaeological evidence and has many holes. The best evidence for the origins of art is found in Africa before the dispersion of humans around the world.


There are many ways to make a living in the art industry, and every year, new possibilities seem to emerge. There are plenty of subcategories and career paths to choose from, and the best advice is to focus on what you’re most passionate about. For example, some artists prefer fine art, while others thrive in the digital and graphic arts. Still others find fulfillment in a teaching or education position, as curators, writers, or producers. Still others enjoy administrative positions.


The first of two annual Art Legends exhibitions will feature works by acclaimed Central Florida artists. The exhibition, “Legends from Los Angeles,” features more than 20 new works from the Museum’s collection. Some are recent acquisitions, including a signature work by Lezley Saar. This exhibition is timed to coincide with Black History Month, Women’s History Month, and Mother’s Day. The Crocker Art Museum’s location was chosen in part because of its unique role in the local arts community.